We are a licensed and certified Detox center. We work with Doctors to get a history and physical done on the client, and have the Doctor prescribe the appropriate medications to help minimize the painful symptoms of detoxing. The process averages 3-5 days. Most clients choose to attend our Residential program after detox to "insure" that they get the new tools and knowledge to prevent relapse.

Residential Care

TLC's Transitional Living Program is strongly recommended for people who would continue to abuse substances if they remained in their current living situation. The usual indicators for Transitional Living Programs are signs or evidence that someone's health, relationships or work are being damaged by alcohol or drug use.

Many drinkers or drug users, if left alone, will continue to drink or use. Checking into a Transitional Living Program helps you break the cycle of drinking or using on a daily basis. Most of the participants at the facility need more support and structure because they are just not stable enough to manage their recovery on their own.

TLC's successful approach is based on directly learning the skills of planned abstinence in a sober living environment. We work with each client independently to develop a program to help him or her understand the dynamics of their addiction and to give them the necessary tools/support for sustained abstinence.

TLC's unique holistic, systematic approach addresses the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction, and includes other family members and significant others in the process. The client�s family is invited to participate in the treatment to develop an understanding of the disease, to become educated in the terms used in recovery, and most importantly, to learn their role in the addiction. Understanding and developing positive relationship dynamics is key to the healing process. Working together insures much greater recovery success.

In TLC's Transitional Living Programs our clients experience a clean, safe, relaxed homey environment, including delicious food prepared on site! (Not a sterile institutional facility.) Fun recreational activities are part of the support and healing process in our group counseling programs. Come stay with us and let us help you on your path to recovery.

Programs vary from 28 to 90 days depending on the needs and progress of the client.

Outpatient Care

TLC's Outpatient Treatment Program is for the individual who is just starting to see the signs of substance abuse patterns in their life and feel they can still function in the world while attending treatment three days a week.

Most people prefer outpatient programs as it allows them to remain in their current living and working situations; to sleep in their own bed and continue with their normal activities. Most people feel if they receive support in an outpatient program several days a week, they can regain control again.

TLC's Outpatient Treatment Program is very successful for people whom alcohol or drugs are just starting to have a detrimental affect but have not yet taken complete control in their lives. These individuals learn tools to control urges and prevent relapse while continuing to work or go to school.

Additionally, outpatient programs (like community living programs) facilitate learning what the REAL triggers are because most often, using alcohol or drugs is NOT the problem; it is a symptom of the problem. At TLC, our job is to stop the symptoms by finding the underlying issues and assist our clients in growing through their challenges. This comprehensive approach is one of the reasons our success rate is so high!

Counseling is provided in a structured environment for the client and their support system (family, spouse, friends, etc.). Working together insures much greater recovery success. Programs vary in frequency and duration depending on the needs and progress of the client.

Most programs are 6 to 16 weeks in length and are often recommended as a supplement to the successful completion of a Community Living treatment program.

Online Counseling

Our Online treatment program is the longest running program in United States - since November of 2006. This is a treatment program that is completely anonymous, that can be done from their home, office, or on the road. The curriculum is the same used in our land-based programs, but doesn't require coming into our offices. Learn more at

Adolescent Treatment

Our adolescent services are done either for 3-hour sessions, or 7-hour, morning, afternoon, or evenings. In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, we offer family counseling sessions to pull the family back together. We often assist with home work, and other school projects, as well as goal setting, career development and assistance getting into college. Most programs last for 30 sessions.


Recovering Addicts Treating Addicts

Welcome to The Living Center, Fresno's premier drug and alcohol treatment facility.  We offer a wide scope of services from detox and inpatient treatment to outpatient care and online counseling.  Our inpatient facility is a charming residential home featuring a hollistic approach to healing in a relaxed and safe environment, while our outpatient office is located in Modesto.  This unique setting allows you to unplug and focus on your recovery while you remain in your current living and working situation; to sleep in your own bed and continue with your normal activities.

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