Good Clean Fun

When someone is working hard to stay clean and sober they might ask what kinds of things can I do for fun without drinking or using? They may think, all the activities I used to do always involved drinking; I don’t know what to do or how to have fun clean and sober. Many people that are newly clean and sober struggle with these thoughts. It will feel awkward at first being sober while engaging in activities, but the awkwardness will lessen each time you step out in faith and engage in activities without using or drinking. You may not even feel like trying to engage in activities or come up with excuses why you can’t participate, but that mindset will only drag you down further. Stay in close contact with other sober people or an accountability partner; they will give you the nudge and support you need.


Find another clean and sober person that has a little time under their belt and engage in some activities with them. Also, many groups have activities that do not involve drinking and the participants are staying clean and sober themselves. There are the well known Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups, several clean and sober Meetup groups and many other activities that do not center around drinking. Below is a list of ideas:

Any kind of physical activity that brings your heart rate up is not only beneficial for your health, but will also increase the endorphins your brain produces that encourage happy and positive feelings. What kind of sport sounds interesting to you?



Bike riding


Martial Arts

There are many sports that people engage in and have fun doing without needing the “after party”.

Have you ever wanted to take dance lessons? Learn to play an instrument? Become a writer, take a class, learn to draw, volunteer helping others…You could start your own Meetup group or start a blog. We have all had interests that have not been pursued yet. Find yours and someone to cheer you on and then go for it! You will feel so much more satisfied pursuing an enjoyable and worthwhile activity than you ever did on your best day using.

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